IntelliTrack managing corporate intelligence the proactive way.

In every business, the Security Control Team functions as the backbone of a successful operation. Having access to key business operational information 24x7x365 is paramount to the security of your business, staff and assets.

Disaster Recovery Planning is no longer an optional element of risk management strategies. With the ever growing threat of global terrorism and crime, your business needs to be in control and stay in control of all situations.

Knowing how each of your stores or branches are setup is a key aspect of successful proactive Security Management. With IntelliTrack Security Control software, your teams will know who, when and how to contact key personnel during a disaster or incident.

Having the right reliable software tools to prevent incidents of crime and other threats is a must and with IntelliTrack Security Control software your business Security Team will proactively manage incidents of crime and threats.

IntelliTrack Security Control gives your Security Team the power to manage your business security more effectively, more productively and more accurately.

Key Features include:

Off-line use of the system in a disaster.
Incident Reporting at Stores / Branches.
Document Scanning & Management.
Branch Security Reviews.
Surveillance Monitoring.
Security Equipment Contract Management.
Pattern Analysis Techniques.
Specialised Reporting.
Data Exports.
Reporting Tools.

plus many more ....
  • Alarms & Activations

    Details of all alarm systems from across your business locations.

  • Store / Branch Staff & Location Details

    Central database to capture your business assets across business locations.

  • Keyholder Information

    Key holder information for immediate retrieval of key holder(s) for each of your business locations.

  • Locks

    Lock information for security personal.

  • CCTV Equipment Management

    CCTV information for each of your store or branches.

  • Limit Variations

    Details of onsite cash limits and variations.

  • Safe Details

    Each business location safe details.

  • Document Management

    Store and retrieve documents, audio, video and still images for each store or branch across your business.

  • Management Reports

    Reports profiling assets and security across your business locations.

  • IntelliCapture - Video Capturing

    Capture video footage using external sources and record and report these to their specific location.

  • User defined Security Management

    Manage application security without requiring technical team resources for administration.

  • IntelliGate - Information Search and Reporting

    Create your own sophisticated graphical search criteria without knowing SQL (Standard Query Language). Export your findings to the web, excel and other applications without involving your IT department.

  • IntelliScan - Document Scanning & Management

    Allows your teams to capture any form of information electronically without the need to have separate paper files.