Who was IntelliTrack Profit Protection developed for?

IntelliTrack Proft Protection was developed for pro active security, loss prevention and audit organisations operating within the retail and financial sectors that have multi-location businesses.

Many businesses do not develop strategies to manage corporate fraud risks proactively until it is too late. They tend to rely mainly on reactive and outdated anti-fraud procedures that only come into operation after an incident has been discovered.

Businesses are continually at risk from both internal and external sources. To deal with it effectively, investigation staff must have the right tools to gather, assimilate and investigate corporate intelligence data, so they can eliminate potential losses before they become a reality.

IntelliTrack Profit Protection is a highly intelligent software application suite that will increase a businesses ability to combat all types of unwanted activities. IntelliTrack Profit Protection provides management with an effective early warning system that allows key decisions to be taken at the earliest opportunity and prompt effective remedial action.

Does IntelliTrack Profit Protection comply with Regulatory?

IntelliTrack Profit Protection has been designed so that regulatory reporting can be written and compiled without the knowledge of any specialised technical skills. End users can use the powerful reporting tools to write reports and publish these without having to involve third parties.

How secure is IntelliTrack Profit Protection?

Security is paramount and high encryption standards are used throughout the application suite.

Can other types of organisations use the IntelliTrack product?

With some customisation we can quickly develop the product so that organisations that work within the anti-piracy, anti-fraud and crime investigations services can utilise the full benefits of the software.