IntelliTrack managing corporate intelligence the proactive way.

In every multi-location business, having a clear and informative view of your network activity can dramatically improve efficiency and more importantly profitability.

IntelliTrack Profit Protection is a comprehensive intelligence software system developed for pro active security, loss prevention and audit organisations operating within the retail and financial sectors.

IntelliTrack Profit Protection provides a complete information gathering, storage, retrieval and reporting facility instantly accessible to support "train of thought" investigations and enquiries.

IntelliTrack Profit Protection is a real-time system enabling you to make immediate and informed decisions on developing situations and current trends.

IntelliTrack Profit Protection gives you the power to manage your business more effectively, more productively and more accurately.

Key Features include:

Internal & External Audits
Corporate Intelligence Gathering
Branch Security Reviews
Pattern Analysis Techniques
Specialised Reporting
Data Exports
Remote Access
Document Templates
Integrated Spelling
Reporting Tools
  • Branch Network Management

    Detail how each of your branches are set-up, their security equipment, locks, camera, safes and staff. Your central security unit can monitor incidents, alarm activations and key holders.

  • Encrypted Document Management

    Store and retrieve case documents, audio, video and still images for each individual case across your branch network.

  • Graphical Search & Reporting System

    Create your own sophisticated graphical search criteria without knowing SQL (Standard Query Language). Export your findings to the web, excel and other applications, but foremost meet the Regulatory Reporting requirements without involving your IT department.

  • Case Notes Builder

    Collate all of your case material together and automatically burn it onto CDROM for case presentation.

  • Integrated Document Scanning & Video Capture

    Allows your teams to capture any form of information electronically without the need to have separate paper files.

  • Linked Cases

    Link all related cases to form a pattern, so that you can investigate and resolve cases efficiently.

  • Secure Internal Email & Task Scheduling

    Keep all sensitive information within your teams, as information gathered for internal or external cases can prove to be dangerous in the wrong hands. Manage and organise the work of your teams, so that they can work more efficiently and productively.