IntelliTrack Retail Investigator managing corporate intelligence the proactive way.

In every multi-location business, having a clear and informative view of your network activity can dramatically improve efficiency and more importantly profitability.

IntelliTrack Retail Investigator is an incident and case management software tool suite, which has been developed specifically for loss prevention in the retail sector.

IntelliTrack Retail Investigator brings together sophisticated technologies with an easy to use interface to manage workloads effortlessly but with consistency and accuracy, resulting in a reduction in retail shrinkage and financial loss. Using the advanced technologies of the Intellitrack systems framework.

Key Features include:

Internal & External Audits
Corporate Intelligence Gathering
Store Security Reviews
Pattern Analysis Techniques
Specialised Reporting
Data Exports
Remote Access
Document Templates
Integrated Spelling
Reporting Tools
Management of Internal Theft, Fraud and Accident cases.
Faster and more accurate restitution collection.
Comprehensive on-demand loss reporting.
Time savings and paper work reduction
Improved communication through centralisation
Manage internal/external theft, and your organisation's specific incidents
Secure transmission of recovery details to debt collection agencies.
Identify repeat offenders and combat professional theft
Track the status of court cases