• Profit Protection

    IntelliTrack Profit Protection is our enterprise intelligence software system developed for pro active security, loss prevention, anti-money laundering and audit teams operating within the retail and financial sectors.

    Specifically developed for multi-location businesses, that need to have have a clear and informative view of their branch / store business activity.

    IntelliTrack Profit Protection provides a complete information gathering, storage, retrieval and reporting facility instantly accessible to support "train of thought" investigations and enquiries.


  • Security Control

    IntelliTrack Security Control is a software suite developed specifically for Security Control Teams working in multi-location organisations.

    IntelliTrack Security Control is an integrated software suite that should form the backbone to the much needed Disaster Recovery Planning process required by all businesses and organisations.

    Based on the premise of 'knowing your business', Security Teams have at their fingertips information such as business assets, staff details, keyholders, alarms & activation, cctv capturing, safe and lock details and much more; all required to make that informed decision on security control.


  • Retail Investigator

    IntelliTrack Retail Investigator is an incident and case management software tool suite, that has been developed specifically for loss prevention in the retail sector.

    IntelliTrack Retail Investigator brings together sophisticated technologies with an easy to use interface to manage workloads effortlessly but with consistency and accuracy, resulting in a reduction in retail shrinkage and financial loss.

    Based around a secure centralised system, investigators can manage cases efficiently from any location.